'We didn't know how hard is to find an affordable ring box until we started to plan our wedding.'

~Tuba & Emin

Founders of Eva's Gift Store

Our Story

Eva's Gift Store is a family-run business in Ottawa, Ontario that offers two types of products: personalized velvet ring boxes and 14k gold plated earrings. The ring boxes are made from high-quality Italian velvet, and come in different sizes to fit all kinds of rings—both with and without stones. The earrings are made of brass with 14k gold plating and are available with different shaped pearls. The store was founded by a young couple who got engaged and wanted to create an online shopping experience that they would enjoy using if they were customers. They planned their wedding in 2019 which is when they started the business (while still dating at the time).

We were a couple planning our wedding and since it was almost impossible to find affordable ring boxes, we decided to make our own. We started out small, selling our handmade velvet boxes to close friends and family, but over the years have grown into a business that today sells personalized gifts worldwide. In addition to our ring boxes, we now offer luxurious pearl earrings, and we're currently expanding our product line to include more jewelry items. Today, our pieces are available on Etsy and in our online store. We're thrilled with how far we've come as a company, and we hope you'll check us out!

~Tuba & Emin